ARXmen Virtual Hero

Game Design/Modeling/Animation

ARX was an experiment in storytelling and roles, merging the new genre of augmented reality mobile app devices and the older pulp genre of comic books. By tracking the image from a specific comic book, one of the characters inside would appear on the cover, allowing the reader to further the storyline by interacting with one of the comic books' characters.

The chosen cover was a Marvel Entertainment comic book that I collected as a youth; the 1981 publication of "Days of Future Past". When correctly aligned, the app would recreate the robotic villains in that world - the Sentinels. This demo showed not just the villains, but also included several of the superheroes of that title complete with animations to bring them to life.

This opens a new merging of the roles of passive reader and active character in unfolding storylines. The user could play out a role in a part of the story as that character - either with a simple battle or even change the storyline by playing out a role from the book's storyline.