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Monster Football Xbox Game

Game Design/Producer/Lead Artist

Approved as an Xbox developer in 2015, I began amassing characters and designs for a football game played by a host of supernatural creatures. 16 total teams were designed and slowly built over the course of two years, complete with rigging and animation.

The core of the work was finished this year for believeable sports artifical intelligence, which is very different from the 'run and gun' AI common in first-person shooters and other proximity-based games. We needed a solution that was custom to a football team's dynamic plays, but also allowed for 'special moves' to accomodate the eccentric roster. We also had to account for leveling up a team and an individual character and the imbalance that may cause in the game.

This AI solution was structured using an Excel spreadsheet that exported its hundreds of values into XML files that are read into the game. Unity was used as the game engine, as versions 5.0 and up have an Xbox port. This excercise was a engaging study of the difference between sports AI that operated at a team level as well as an individual player level against similar AI running the opposing team.