Whodunnit Location Game

Producer/Storyline/Voice Talent

A joint venture with Google and Niantic Labs to make a location-based mobile game that allowed people to learn about Los Angeles and its history of Film Noir by solving a virtual whodunnit while physically touring the city. I helped to create a unique 'choose your own adventure' system of story along with Flint Dille, Francesca Smith and Dr. Marc Sparagen. I also Produced the project and provided voice talent for the game's audio files, done in the style of Raymond Chandler.

"Transportopia" was a hybrid of location-based mobile games like Ingress and Foursquare. The game was modeled using Hollywood's 1940's and 50's Film Noir detective movies, leading the user through various filming location landmarks in Los Angeles. Once they arrive, the game would unlock an audio file that reveals further information about the case. The user then has two choices of whom or what to follow during their case, providing an indivdual path per player while continuing to teach a movie history unique to Los Angeles.

The game path also included dozens of unlockable 'waystation' stops inside current stores, engaging and involving more foot traffic to local businesses.

Our mentor and client was John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs and creator of Pokémon GO and Google Earth. He called the game "Highly innovative and very fun".