Creating a fictional game

This challenge of this project was taking a fictional game from other media and retro-engineering it into a clear and engaging game. Dejarik is a fictional game shown briefly in the original 1977 science fiction movie “Star Wars”. However, no actual game was ever published or any official guidebook for its usage. The goal was to make a game that had a similar simplicity to checkers for the casual user while maintaining the same effects in the movie.

In “Star Wars”, Dejarik was a hologram game played on a small circular checkerboard. Eight alien creatures occupied specific and unique sections on the checkerboard. No clear teams, rules, or scoring was indicated other than the death of one character at the hands of another - and the famous line afterward to “Let the Wookie win”.

Retrofitting a fictional game with the same hologram character movement in it, deciding how many sides or players can engage in a game and maintaining an easy use of gameplay required a the game to be stripped down to just color markers on a paper prototype.

Repeat playings with dozens of players allowed a crude form of checkers to emerge, borrowing from Chinese Checkers while allowing a limited but powerful range of motions for the pieces.