Hololens Mythology Program

Show Proposal/Producer/Creature Design

'Monsters of Mythology" is a proposed television show pitched with several tie-ins of virtual reality and augmented reality for the viewer. The premise is that older mythological characters are rebuilt according to the laws of science, biology and physics - unlike anything anyone has ever seen. The viewers can then go to special locations at appointed times and see the creature in the wild, observing (and avoiding) them according to what was learned in the program.

The title sequence is filmed in and around various locations in Los Angeles where these newly recreated mythological creatures could be observed using the Microsoft Hololens. Locations like the Getty Villa, the Los Angeles forests and the Cinematic Arts building at USC are all featured in the title sequence, adorned with Minotaurs, Harpies and Scorpio.

Interaction with each creature would be dependent on what was learned in the show, allowing the viewer to get closer and even 'tame' the creature with hand gestures and movement around the monster.

This proposal is currently being considered by several networks as the prototype for the mythological viewing is in Beta.