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ARFetch Augmented Reality App

Game Design/Producer/Visual Basic Coding

What if a person could experience interactive and immaterial fulfillment – interaction with a pet – done by tracking material wealth itself? ARFetch is an interactive 3D Augmented Reality game that tracks a simple dollar bill from the users’ pocket to create a virtual backyard to interact and ‘play’ with a virtual character that reacts to the players’ touch.

Our need for interaction and relaxation is constantly at odds with society’s dictate to take control of our future and quantify both success and progress. ARFetch is a study in the juxtaposition of social definitions of happiness, interaction, and connectivity using the very surface of material wealth in the form of a dollar bill. It takes the premise of ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ and presents a loop of happiness against – and on the back of - material gain.

The challenge of creating an easy-to-use game editor was solved by utilizing the Unity game engine and a simple Excel spreadsheet. Arrows are drawn in Excel, allowing anyone to design the path of various objects for the dog to chase, and upon saving the file the exporter writes out the relevant data as an XML file. The Unity.exe file reads the XML sheet, allowing a very fast turnaround time on the game design. I wrote the exporter in Visual Basic inside Excel.