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Big Lies

How Far is Too Far?

Big Lies is a game built on the reversal of a Sim City game genre where the player provides stability and normalcy for the population. Instead, the goal is to simply keep your rating high. Extracting judgements of 'bad' or 'good' this game was an experiment in finding out how far a player will go to maintain fame and popularity.

Couched in the eccentric tropes of 1950's monster movies, the player takes the role of Mayor of Radville, a tiny town in the unlikely spot of a former radioactive military base. They must bring prosperity and fame and funding for the as-yet unbuilt museums, galleries and coffeehouses. They accomplish this by attracting townspeople through exploitation and sensationalism, gaining popularity and then funding. The player must maintain composure, using tact when they can and lies when they have to, because their rating is everything.

The monsters provide the pivot. The player can capitalize on the media sensation of them ransacking the city, and people will flock to the city to watch. However, keeping the monsters alive long enough means they eventually start killing the population, and ratings will plummet. There is a deadly game of 'chicken' being played, a fine line between popularity and hubris.